Witness attitude

My only interest in people is to help them. And as long as breath shall flow in this lungs, so long shall I try to help others and tell them to get away from this motion picture of delusion. Because you are a part of it now, you suffer. You must stand aside and watch it, and then you cannot suffer. When you are an observer, then you can enjoy this play. This is what you must learn. To God, this is only a movie, and you turn to Him,it will also be a picture show to you.
Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda.
The Divine Romance. P.116

Sankhya shastra describes the divine attitude. Sankhya was created by Kapil Muni. Many people believe Kapil muni is an incarnation of shesh nag.
Who is shesh nag?
There is an ocean of milk. (Kshir sagar) In the ocean of milk, Vishnu bhagwan lies in it, sleeping on a bed made by Shesh Nag coiling up. And from this umbilicus, Brahma is created in a lotus flower. And Brahma then created the universe

Now this is of course an allegory of an experience in meditation. The ocean of milk refers to chandra chakra. I have written about it in great detail elsewhere. But the description is perfect!

So although Yogananda described this with great ease, our constant problem is we identify by force of habit with our mind and emotions. We cannot be a witness. Thats why I am amused by the foolishness of so many wonderful Gurus, they preach witness attitude, talk and write volumes, but dont tell anyone how to disassociate from the mind and emotions

And yet people will follow them by the thousands! Oh what a play and drama you have created Divine mother!

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