Power of a true smile

You Have Power; You Do Not Use It……….
Do you think that you have been completely unsettled by circumstances– ruffled, shattered, whipped, lacking power? Banish such thoughts! You have power; you do not use it. You have all the power you need. There is nothing greater than the power of the mind. Resurrect your mind from the little habits that keep you wordly all the time. Smile that perpetual smile– that smile of God. Smile that strong smile of balanced recklessness — that million dollar smile that no one can take from you…..
Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda.
Journey To Self-realization.P.338

A word of caution

True smile. Is joy from within
It does not depend on outward circumstances or person

We always feel happy when back in our comfort hole – this includes friends and home. This brings A smile but not the true smile of being within

There is a certain joy within. Unexplainable. It is very Deep. When you get that you look like an idiot. I am not kidding. Why? They are the crazy people who laugh and smile when adverse circumstances strike them

This is a training field. Elsewhere I have mentioned it. During my right times in life, God increase the joy of mediation a thousand times. So it was his way to remind me he is there. But the outside circumstances were rough. It was difficult to maintain that inner joy for more than a few hours

However that iNner joy has the ability to change outside circumstances

What about those who cannot have the insert joy?

The mind has two options. Looking at the outside world and circumstances. Or inner God and joy. When your deep immersed in the turmoil is life, what Paramhansa Yogananda is saying, break the outside turmoil, by a smile. Use that to touch the inner joy. That in turn gets rid of outside circumstances Only if your inner connection is with God and not for selfish interest to correct outside life

But I say the truth!

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