One pointed attention or dhayana or mediation


 So, develop your desire for God; and when you are meditating, every time a distracting thought comes, remember that it is only static. Tune it out. If you are praying to the Heavenly Father, and suddenly you think that you should be in the kitchen working, just say mentally to that intruding distraction: "Get out!" Start meditating again, and affrm: "Heavenly Father, Thou art with me. 

 Then again you may hear the neighbour playing the piano, and you wonder what kind of piano it is, and the memory thought of Grandma's piano arises, and you begin to wonder where Grandma is and how she is. Your mind has wandered again. Mentally say to those thoughts: "Get out!" And bring your mind back to the techniques. Don't give up. 

 Throw out all invading thoughts: Oh, what a problem I have with such-and-so! No matter what I do, that person doesn’t respond. "Get out!" This chair is not just right. Let me find some cushions and fix it. “Get out!” 

  In this manner, the mind will go on wandering from one thing to another for hours, if you permit it! Mentally dismiss such thoughts, with all the force of your will, whenever you catch your mind straying from the object of your concentration in meditation. Pray deeply and intensely until God reveals Himself to you. Do not make a mockery of prayer and meditation. Keep on with ever-increasing concentration "Father, reveal Thyself!" Just keep hammering at the door of silence and He will answer. Only when you have that contact with Him can you ask for anything and know that your prayer will get a response. 

~ Sri Paramahansa Yogananda,
How To Weave God Into Your Daily Life,
3 : 2018, Yogoda Satsanga magazine

True. However there are 2 more missing ingredients to it. One is correct technique of kriya yoga
This of course is kept secret. If it is published or written it is incomplete
Second is the blessings of a Guru

All three are needed.

However even if you don’t have other two or you think you don’t have Other two ( this is a common issue. Some people have it but feel they don’t More common is people think they have it when they don’t have it ) – keep trying.
God at some point has to respond. The burden is on him. If you try and he does not respond !

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