Positive thinking

One of my uncle, Dineshkaka always emphasized positive thinking
He has been instrumental in guiding me in my spiritual path throughout

In this day and age failure in many tasks is common. However like Yogananda, he Always insisted on positive thinking. So even if you repeated fail to ride a bicycle, do we not try again and again – and succeed ?

The same is true many things in our life. So you may ask me , is it true – I want to be like Roger Federer world tennis champion.? Yes and no. Some things require good karma and constant effort. Positive thinking is a mental approach to life Why succumb to depression and anger and frustration? You are the son of God , divine consciousness. Success is your both right!

This is what YoganandaYogananda said

Stubborn mental or physical diseases always have a deep root in the subconsciousness. Illness’ may be cured by pulling out its hidden roots. That is why all affirmations of the conscious mind should be impressive enough to permeate the subconsciousness, which in turn automatically influences the conscious mind. Strong conscious affirmations thus react on the mind and body through the medium of the subconscious. Still stronger affirmations reach not only the subconscious, but also the superconsciousi mind —the magic storehouse of miraculous powers.

~ Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda,
“Scientific Healing Affirmations”

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