Hidden enemies

To find freedom from the enslaving power of the senses, the greedy, angry, sensual individual first must avoid the material environment that easily excites his specific psychophysical weakness, and then must kill the inner desires that will otherwise accompany him wherever he goes. The devotee who exercises outward self-restraint and thereby feels secure against temptation should introspectively remind himself: “Perhaps you can easily run away from outer temptations, but can you escape from the inner living photograph of hypnotic eyes of desires that you have created and preserved within yourself? Let not their subtle manipulative power catch you in a moment of vulnerability!” These inimical desires must be brought out from their subconscious hiding places and ‘Slain by the counteracting agents of spiritual perception developed by meditation. The more awareness of lasting inner bliss one attains, the less he is entrapped by desire.

~ Sri Paramahansa Yogananda,
3 : 41,God talks with Arjuna,
The Bhagavad Gita.

On surface Everyone feels that they have made progress They feel they have conquered anger. They feel they are nice. Kind. Forgiving. Just that they think they are wonderful.

But truth is hardly anyone has accomplished much

I know of a few people. When they had no money they seemed just wonderful. Once they had money and power their true colors came out.

Try putting yourself in a very enticing situation. Now see if your mind is tempted. Or put yourself in front of your favorite food. Are you tempted?

Harder still is dealing with those who offend you. Hurt you. Do you feel comfortable around them as much as you are with those you love? Have you reached that balance?
Are you stitha Pragna ?

The truth is without going into samadhi. Repeatedly. Thousands of times. those deeply engrained faults are not easy to abolish

So the entire process of Yoga goes in several steps

  1. Desire to no longer be a slave to your mind
  2. Figuring out the right method to escape from the slavery of the mind and body
  3. Realizing that yoga is the fastest way
  4. Finding a Guru who can activate the power of shakti to destroy your shackles
  5. Practicing it faithfully till you learn Samadhi
  6. Repeatedly going into samadhi to be free

Most people are in step 1 or 2. Some go to 3. They think they have a Guru. Or got diksha. But such a Guru is very rare and only interested in genuine people who are interested in correcting themselves and not the world. Correcting the world is not your place or role.

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