Gayatri Mantra and photosynthesis

I want to talk about sunlight – the external sun and how its light is used by plants to make food. Without sunlight, there is no plants. Without plans no animals can survive and so eventually all life would perish. So, we are entirely dependent on the sunlight

So deep inside the sun, not in the surface, there is a huge nuclear reactor. Where two molecules of hydrogen, are heated up so enormously that the two molecules of hydrogen join together and form helium. As they do that, the generate a lot lot lot more heat and energy than that was needed to get the nuclear reactor started.

Now that ray of light, takes millions of years to come from the deep deep layers of the sun to the surface. From the surface of the sun, it comes to earth in 8 min.
Now that light or photon (which is energy particle of light) will hit the chlorophyll molecule and dislodge a single electron) from the cholorphyll. This dislodged electron is called exciton. Somehow it must go through layers and layers of a maze and other dense celllular particles to the center of the cell. It does it in a millionth of a millionth of a second without loosing any energy. It is a 100% effective.

Now this is the beauty of the transmission. Light, the sunlight and if you like to call it the gift of life or God, I am ok with it, when it becomes the exciton, – the energy source is not a particle at that point. It is a wave, which like God, spreads everywhere in waves. In all directions and is present everywhere in the cell. And at the center of the cell, it becomes a particle again and becomes pure energy that the leaf, tree etc can use !

This is quantum physics of life. This is a long video, but most certainly very fascinating. The cell description in video, I believe is around 44 min.

So, now what is the Gayatri mantra. This is a mantra that is a tribute to the Sun and the hopes are that the magnificent sun power can be utilized by those who do the mantra properly

This is a sacred mantra described in Hindu literature. Some people believe it is worship of Sun God. Others believe it is worship of the sun present in Agna chakra
The rules are the recitation rights are only given to brahmins. Now of course this is not true. But brahmin is a specific word used in hinduism used to denote purity. However the kind of purity needed is no longer found anywhere in the world.
It is a specific mantra – which many people recite. In order to get true effects and benefits – the mantra is real – you need 1.5 million recitations – done mostly sitting at the same location over a short time frame. Moreover, during that time frame, since it can months, you are only allowed to eat fruits and very simple food, eat only once a day, self cook etc.
There is another easier way, which is where a Guru has worked hard and awakened all the potential of the mantra and he just simply gives it to you.

Now of course, everyone who reads these blogs have the vanity that they can accomplish everything by simply reading and memorizing, but little do they know and have most certainly not seen the powers of an awakened shakti. So they remain delusional

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