An interesting story

Nevertheless, because she received much
special attention, Radha became filled with
pride. So one day the Lord Krishna said to
her, ” Let us steal away together.” He played
on her vanity, making her think he wanted
to be alone with her. She was feeling very
happy and favoured. They walked some
distance, and Krishna wasn’t at all inclined
to stop for rest. Finally the weary Radha
suggested, “Here is a nice place to sit for
a while.” Krishna looked disinterested and
replied, ” Let us find a better spot.” They
walked and walked. At last the exhausted
Radha complained, “I cannot walk any
further.” Krishna said, “All right, do you want
me to carry you?” This very much pleased
Radha’s vanity. But even as she sprang to
his back, lo! Krishna was gone; she fell in
a heap of ground. Her pride shattered, on
her knees she humbly cried, “My beloved
Lord, I was wrong in wanting to possess
and control you. Please forgive me.”
Krishna reappeared and blessed her. Radha
had learned a great lesson that day. It was
a grievous error to look upon the Master
as an ordinary man, to be ensnared and
controlled by feminine wiles. She realised
that the Master was interested not in
her form, but in her soul.

Paramahansa Yogananda
[The Divine Romance]

This is the art of a Guru. Ordinary human relations should not work on correcting the faults of others

We have ample faults of ourselves. We should focus on correcting them. If you have a living Guru , he will work on your faults at appropriate times

There is a great story of Gorakhnath where he thought his Guru has fallen in clutches of Maya. However he was very mistaken. His Guru was ever free and Merely wanted to remove the ego of Gorakhnath

Ego is removed at a later stage. Not early. There are many other layers under it. Of emotion. Attachment. Desires. Anger. Greed. They have to be worked on. Then the desire for intellectual understanding of spirituality rather than experiencing divine bliss is an issue.

Oh well. Few will be fortunate to have a Guru to work on you one on one. That is the best. Did I mention there are many Guru with millions of followers and likes on their web pages? Why go to a Guru with only a few disciples – after all in democracy popular vote is the way !

Such great Guru do not accept a disciple easily either.

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