Science of fields part 1

Here is an interesting article. It talks about a patient who lost his eyesight but could still navigate around a complex maze ! This is not some hocus pocus or saint blessings by just an extension of …..
How ? Scientifically impossible.
The author here considers it as anextension of consciousness

But it is not. It is an extension of prana. Every object has prana. It is constantly sounding its presence as prana. If only we become aware of that – we can see things without eyesight

Now this is just a matter beginning of the true sight. In true deep meditation, you can slowly learn to see your own past or future. But those people are rare. More mobs you, These trivial things are still not close to god but it gives us proof that beyond human logic and senses and science there is something unexplainable

Here is the article

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