Inadequate translation

I did not reveal this for a long time. Many times j have hinted in my blogs about faith. Even in prashnoupanishad, it is said God First created prana and then faith

Faith is important everywhere. It is important in business relation, family relations, spouse relations and just in general to run the world

In the Bible it is said that if you have faith as little as mustard seed you can move mountains

So what is faith?

Yogananda reveals the secret but it is still a little slanted. The rest I will leave to the astute reader.

The Indian word , Sanskrit word is Vishwas. Shwas means breathing. Vi can be taken as special or oppposite to breathing. Sadly in a public forum I can’t reveal more details

This is what Yogananda said

In calmness, intuition gives birth to Faith…..
The Sanskrit word for faith is wonderfully expressive. It is VISVAS. The common literal rendering, ” to breathe easy ; have trust; be free from fear,” does not convey the full meaning. Sanskrit svas refers to the motions of the breath, implying thereby life and feeling. Vi conveys the meaning of “opposite; without. “That is, he whoes breath, life, and feeling are calm, he can have faith born of intuition; it cannot be possessed by persons who are emotionally restless. The cultivation of intuitive calmness requires unfoldment of the inner life. When developed sufficiently, institution brings immediate comprehension of truth. You can have this marvellous be realization. Meditation is the way………
Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda.
Journey To Self-realization. P.309

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