We get it all wrong. We are sensitive to things that offend us. But not sensitive to the v feelings of others.
Such is a manifestation of ego

It is easy to understand. But time and again we fall prey to our ego and get hurt

All the world problems right now , the discrimination issues are from this. If everyone looked at it differently and cared about others and less worried about their own feelings the world would be peaceful

A perfect example was Sita. She never cared about her self. But lived every second for others and and Ram.

Now the idiots of the world think she was unfortunate and sad. Maybe the Ramanand Sagar version of Sita showed her to be crying all the time have that impression

The truth was she was the primal Goddess herself. One look and she could destroy all the world. Yes she lived with love. Forgiving all and enduring This is what Ramayana is about. She is the central figure of Ramayana

Even right now, she forgives all our mistakes and endures all the insults we give her.

And she left an example. Hope everyone should be. Instead the world degenerate to the exact opposite

This is what Yogananda said

Don’t be touchy or oversensitive…

Sensitiveness expresses itself in a lack of control over the nervous system. A thought of being offended runs through the mind and the nerves rebel against it. In reacting, some persons see the inwardly with anger or hurt feelings and show no irritation outwardly. Others express their emotions in an obvious and instant reaction in the muscles of their eyes and face and often in a sharp retort of their tongue as well. In either case, to be touchy is to make one-self miserable, and to create a negative vibration that also adversely affects others. To be able always to spread an aura of goodness and peace should be the motive of life. Even if there is good reason for being excited because of mistreatment, one who instead controls himself in such a situation is master of himself.

Excerpts from the writings of Paramahansa Yogananda

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