Was Ramana Maharshi a yogi?

Well, he talks about observing where ego or thoughts come from.
He gives everyone freely, and discusses ideas

But , in some dialogue he very clearly talks About yoga. He even talks about kriya yoga

This is a clear indication of him talking in terms of yoga

The sattvic mind resolves itself into
the Life-current.
Q.: Can one keep the mind away from
entering into the phase of thoughts
before one experiences the current?
M.: Yes; the current is
-Talk 91.

Life current is prana. The entire basis of yoga. It is not breathing. But something that is far more subtle and present everywhere.
In humans and animals turn can be seen in action

He talks about mind resting in prana. Of course there is much more to it. But that I will talk later

Yogananda, sadly gave a lot more accurate details on it. The world is not ready and for now it will remain hidden.

Those lines should not be published and SRF should omit them

Anyway a pure mind finds it easy to rest in prana. An impure mind that craves name, money sex or wishing to talk and educate others cannot rest in it.

Hence all spiritual matters require total purity.

For the pure in heart shall see God

Our problem is we lowered the standards of purity so much that everything impure is now called pure. Just go to an eulogy. You will think Jesus was born again.

Truthfully God does not lower set standards of purity. It remains as is. It is up to us to love God. That is purity Love him more than all the things in the world.

Are you willing for that transformation?

I know you are not ready yet. You want a little more of the wonders of the world !

Hence Yogi remain alone and aloof

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