Annapurna stotram

These verses were composed by Shankaracharya Maharaj

There is a story that Lord Shankar talked about the illusory nature of the world.
Now the word , the world is an illusion is grossly misunderstood. Yes we can say it is an illusion when you no longer have a body. But while you have a body and all your karma has not been dealt with, you will have to suffer the consequences.

So Lord Shankar when he talked about the illusionary nature of the world, Annapurna, the other name of Paravati , was not very pleased. She said, no more food for anyone on the world. (Anna – generally is thought to mean food). Well as you can imagine, the consequences in the world were not very good. Although the followers of advaita were committed to it, not all could convert material existence to food. There was an issue, so finally Shankar Bhagwan went to Varanasi where food was still available. There he saw a place which was freely giving food in abundance to everyone. Lo and Behold, the place was run by Goddess Annapurna

There are not many more stories on Goddess Annapurna. If you want to know more about her, you should read the shlokas written by Shankaracharya Maharaj on her

A word of caution – Goddess Annapurna is the original Goddess and the word Anna does not relate to food. It relates to all the bodies the soul is encassed in. It is she, who supplies us with the bodies, as our soul constantly has desires of the three worlds. She is the Goddess who can liberate us also from all the demands, we so foolishly impose on her. I suspect merely listening to the shloka for those in the right frame of mind, she instantly gives freedom. Those who have not read the original shlokas will be deceived by the translation and meaning. In the original verse, there is a description of the highest state of Yoga

Aum Shiv Parvati Namah, Aum Shankracharyaya nama

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