The mysterious Kundalini

Like Yogananda said, due to certain spiritual injunctions, details of this is not written very clearly in any book.  Moreover, even it was clearly written, it would be of no use, since it is an experience. Having said that, with extensive reading, I have come to the following conclusions

– Liberation is not possible without awakening of the Kundalini

– Only a liberated Guru has control over the Kundalini and can awaken it

– Kundal means coiled and kund means to burn. People give a meaning based on which word they believe in 

– To understand awakening, one must know the structure of the 3 bodies. Just knowing the physical body is hopeless. 

– This is divine energy more connected to us within

– Location as base of spine or to say swadhisthan chakra is a rough approximation in the physical body. It lies much deeper more subtly than anyone can know

– It remains bound and keeps the soul ignorant due to past karma 

– Signs of awakening are in three categories – physical, subtle and karana ( casual) 

– The awakening in the causal body is the highest

– Awakening in physical body with body movement is the latest

– There are other signs described in Mukta shastra

– MAHA yoga and Devatma shakti has a long list of signs

– But these are signs or effects

– Sudden faith in Shankar Bhagwan is a big sign

– The technique of awakening is touch , sight, or words plus one more hidden step. This hidden step is only known to the Guru

– Without worshiping Guru an awakened shakti closes

– The Guru will be one who does not awaken masses

– He does not charge for it 

– He has siddhi

– He knows the deeper secrets in all Vedas, upanishads, all religious books   

– Online stuff on kundalini is a joke. Just mere claims hoping to trap unsuspecting victims

– A guru may test the disciple for a year or longer before awakening. This invariably happens. The shakti is very powerful – how could it be given without proper vetting

– A great Guru will be impossible to recognize 

– Hope this helps. Using these basic principle s you should be able to weed out most of the fakes.  

– It is worthless to be with a person who does not have Kundalini fully awakened. Many of my friends have gone to someone who does not believe in it not does that person have shakti awakened. Oh what a tragedy!

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