The mysterious kundalini part 2

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So far I have not started much about it

A few more points –

  • Kundalini although present in all , it is sleeping
  • It is awakened by the grace of a Guru
  • There are 9 levels of awakening
  • It has 2 purposes. One ascend the pathway in Brahmanadi ask the way in the back ( it is present both inside And outside body simultaneously ) And secondly purify all habits, personalities, desire’s and at a higher level destroys all karma
  • Without purification ascension is temporary and liberation is not possible
  • One cannot even recognize the love of God
  • In the true full awakening, those who are very lucky to have it , their body should be in the air while meditation. There are a few more conditions to it.
  • Variety of powers come with it. They are not aspired for. Just happens
  • This is hard to believe
  • Nevertheless is true
  • I saw it happen once to another disciple
  • The true yogi knows the details of purification and ascension
  • For that to happen the place where karma is stored should be located
  • Then purified
  • Reading and knowing theory is but a small step
  • I write this so you don’t get scammed
  • You can verify a genuine person by comparing with my other blogs which has this in more details
  • Yogananda said full awakening is not possible right away. The body would burn up in flames. Hence gradual graded opening
  • There are no kamal / lotus. It is a nice description of the Kala of shakti
  • Hope these two blogs help with details of Shakti
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