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Many things

Every process in progression is a repetition

Repetition is of 3 or 5 or 8 ( elements )

Example is of eating. I will not explain further. It is self explanatory

Since the repetition is from lowest level it has advantage and disadvantage

Advantage – analogy to the highest can be given

Disadvantage – people erroneously believe the lower level experience they had is the highest

Safe guard against this by following a few rules

  1. Be assured you not reached the highest. Literally a million more steps are still pending
  2. Divine experiences occur as you learn to go within. Stopping the rain, knowing the future, knowing what other people do are some examples. Gurudev made sure that his disciplines had a few examples like this so they can develop faith in Yoga. Of course it was a temporary gift.
  3. You will know things far better than any textbook including the Veda
  4. You can quickly find the mistakes others make. For example recently I read something so foolish – a person said the mind is consciousness ! Absurd. Shows he has no experience of consciousness at all
  5. It is true the mind is not restricted to the body but that does not make it consciousness

There are seven types of soul – each trying to go to a higher level

Sakala – those fully engrossed in the body

Pralaykala and Vidyankala are next 2

Those who have awakening are called

Mantra, mantra mahesh and mantra Maheshwar.

Above that is Swatantraya

None of them are ready for liberation

They have a variety of divine experiences such as hearing music, talking with shakti,a variety of siddhi etc

Above that is shiv level experiences. They get liberated in a few hundred years. Only them

Above that is Avatar.

Above them are eternal Siddhas

How do you know where you are ? Well, there are 5 spheres. Depending on what sphere is disclosed to you – you can figure out your progress

Long progress. Takes time

What about enjoying life? Here you can grossly understand the type of soul.

Sakala soul – after one enjoyment seems another enjoyment

Pralaykala – after enjoyment wonder what is this life about but don’t know what to do. There is depression often since the inner doors are not open

Vigyan Kala – know the way within, but are not adept about going within

Generally people are in different stages at different times of life

If you remain persistent, the lower stages vanishes

Since falling is part of the sequence, never have ego

Ego is a joy ride in which you side down effortlessly

Learn to recognize your ego

Hurt feelings and sensitivity are a reflection of your ego

Ego gets cut when you go above anahat chakra

The chakras are not located where you think they are

There are no kamal or lotus – but they are lotus since water does not stick to it Easy to peel

I write cryptic – do not take it at face value

The process is complicated. The complexity must be fully experienced and cleaned

Without that liberation is not possible

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