Is shaktipat or awakening of shakti needed multiple times?

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Someone asked me this question? It is a very good question

If the person is extremely pure, has no desires for the world , not even traces of desires, loving even to his enemies, full of respect for Guru, and truly seeks to know his true self – that person can get full awakening and is liberated that second after awakening. Such people are very rare ( mahayoga vigyan)

Other people need awakening in small steps. Maybe even very small steps. They of course need awakening repeatedly If not fully ready, you will not understand samadhi or your body gets burnt up and destroyed. So progress is made slowly.

There are many places or stopping points on the road. A soul struggles at every point and needs a Guru at every point. The road is far more complex than you can imagine. An imaginary awakening leads nowhere. It creates more ego and no progress. That would be the sign that you are going in the wrong direction

Signs that you have awakening include immense surrender to Guru, faith in Shankar Bhagwan, a clear perception of what purity is, a sudden change in mind that finds more peace in solitude and meditation than in material pleasure etc

If all of them are not there, then awakening is not at optimal level

The process is slow limited by our lack of inner purity.

Once awakened, shakti can close off also. Not following instructions of Guru, karma that are detrimental to Progress, ego, vanity showing off your awakening, offending others etc brings an immediate pause to awakening and it sleeps again. Such disciples and this mistake has long standing detrimental effects

As such for a disciple with inner love and purity, they are automatically in tune with these concepts and sail through the process

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