A story of Samadhi in 1805, USA

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There is a famous US figure. Everyone knows him. Robert E Lee. His mother, often had “seizures” and would go into what i called as post ictal stage.

Yogananda knew about it. But he knew a little more. I am not here to judge if the story if true or not. Doing a google search, I find that some do not believe it is true. My faith lies in Yogananda. If he says it happened, it happened.

So in 1805, in the fall of 1805, his mother (Ann Hill Carter Lee) went into Samadhi. People thought she was dead. Like i have said many times, Samadhi is a special situation where the heart stops and the breathing also stops. This is death. But could also be Samadhi. Or could be, that the medical equipment in those days wa not sophisticated and was a wrong diagnosis. Story is that she was buried , her husband thought he heard his wife calling his name and took the coffin out of the grave and she was allive. 15 months later she gave birth to Robert E Lee.

Yogananda believed she was in Samadhi.

Yogi can go into that state at will. That is something that only a true Yogi can do. It is rare, but it is possible. That would be the pinnacle of the Yogi practice. Or for some very fortunate Yogi, it would be the beginning point for some !. We are unable to fathom the heights they go to.

Who wants to know what they experience when such Yogi can start and stop their bodies at will?

I would love to!

Or maybe it is just a story. I just find the story fascinating.

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