October 2021 archive

A hint for Jeff Bezos

Link to Original Document Did Li Ching-Yuen “the longest lived man” really live for 256 years? | MRU MEDIA I am sure Jeff will like this. It might give him tips on how to be immortal. Sadly that is not true. Many came, became enlightened and still had to give up body. So will Babaji …

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Tricks to stop weakness of mind

Link to Original Document Associate yourself with people who have control over mind. Just being in their company can help wavering mind The converse is true also. If you are in company of people with anxiety, worry, uncontrolled thoughts, you will also be afflicted that way Be with positive minded people Diet – plays a …

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Link to Original Document Everything you have seen or done or heard or felt leaves an impression on your inner consciousness. It is called inner consciousness because with the physical mind you can’t access it. Nor can you access it in dreams. Yes dreams sometimes get impulses from it but cannot access it That is …

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