Utter stupidity

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I was profoundly disappointed by the vanity and ignorance people have about a Guru.

In my whats app group for my medical college, someone usually puts a statement made my Bodhi Shudhananada daily. After reading the quotes for 2 years, I decided to check out about him.

So, for general information, I thought i would write a little about a Guru

  • The Guru must be living. You cannot have a Guru and get awakening if the Guru has already taken samadhi. Many people follow Yogananda or Vivekananda. It is wonderful, but they really cannot help you until you have a living Guru first who takes you to the subtle worlds where Yogananda or Vivekananda exist
  • This might be very disappointing and many will get offended because they just want the false assurance that they an enlightened Guru.
  • People get attached to their Guru. They want to believe their Guru has supernormal power, they want to believe their Guru is the highest and often times make up stories. The advantage of this is a secondary ego gain – my Guru is great, I am his disciple, in other words, I am very great too.
  • Speaking sanskrit or reciting the vedas and upanishads does not make you a Guru. Do not get impressed by such people
  • Somewhere, it is written about Baba Lokenath – was approached by his Guru and asked Baba Lokenath to accept him as a Guru. This kind of role reversal of where the Guru becomes a disciple of his own disciple is utter nonsense and stupidity. This is something that Shankar bhagwan, frowns upon – especially if anyone makes this claim or believes it.
  • You can only be a true Guru, if you are fully enlightened. Otherwise you are not permitted to become a Guru. What more can that person want?
  • Many things written in many lineages are written to impress the reader. A lineage that tries to impress you, is not a true lineage. Many of these stories, are inflated and has very little substance in truth. Sad, how gullible people are. Or maybe desperate.
  • The best way to attract a Guru is by sincere desire of not wanting to come back to this world. If you have that, you will get guidance. If that did not happen, then it is a total disgrace to the true Guru and shakti. So work on truly wanting to escape. However, dont deceive yourself by thinking you want to escape but in reality want people to applaud you, praise you and make money.

So, how can you tell a true Guru?

You really cant. You have no tools. They look ordinary and act ordinary. They are not there to impress you. They truly want nothing. So, now it becomes entirely upto you. Your purity (lack of interest material things) will help you recognize them.

One must respect the Guru in action and speech. That is very essential. Shakti does not take it lightly when the disciple does not respect the Guru. She will not allow the disciple to progress

What does a Guru do? He does not give lectures. He awakens the Shakti

What is awakening of the Shakti? It is not what you read about on the internet. Only a Guru knows what he does. Even at that, there are 3 different levels and 3 sub levels and another 224 sub levels. Only he would know what he does and can do.

Such Gurus are very rare.

But first, clean yourself. Desire the right things – the ability to go within. Not wanting anything in this world.

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