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Did Li Ching-Yuen “the longest lived man” really live for 256 years? | MRU MEDIA

I am sure Jeff will like this. It might give him tips on how to be immortal.

Sadly that is not true. Many came, became enlightened and still had to give up body. So will Babaji and Lal Ma and Parmanand tirthji Maharaj, Trailoki baba, Bharthru hari Maharaj, Mirdad, etc. The sun will end and so will this solar system. The universe will collapse. Multiple universes have come and gone.

So no matter what Jeff thinks, he wont get anything out of it. Now I listed a few people who maybe hundreds to thousands of years old. But their body does not age. They always look like they are in their early youth. So what is happening?

Well, the only thing that does not perish, is Atman or God. All creation, that comes from there will end. This logic of creation and death or destruction, cannot apply to God. Why? God simply is. There was no creator, he is the creator. Only things that have been created perish!. Only things that have time, can pertish. So creation is in other words, the first step of time!. Or time means creation.

So in Samadhi, there is no time. For those outside samadhi, time exists. Fast or slow, but it will exist. Then true immortality is being in Samadhi!

Everything that you know or read is under the realm of time and creation. Since God and samadhi is beyond time, you can never get there. At least not without giving up this creation. And that is where people struggle. The art of being established in pure consciousness.

I hope this helps. One curious thing, no matter how many times I say it, it does not sink in. Old habit of thinking, understanding, trying to rationalize, etc just does not go away.

Curious world, with a million different ways of thinking.

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