November 2021 archive

Daily struggles

Link to Original Document Everyone is struggling. On a regular basis. Every day, or every week, or every month or every few years. Once you get trapped , based on the karma of the past, it is impossible to escape without paying your dues. However, sometimes, the suffering we have is created by us, our …

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I want to help the world

Link to Original Document Many people – either from ego or from a sense of good will or from something higher want to change the world. Help others. So how do you do it? By creating groups and agitation? By Revolution? By having group prayers? By group meditations? By going to temples? The key truth …

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The sensitivity of the mind

Link to Original Document Once the mind gets attached to something, it is very difficult to undo it ! Logic simply does not work Let’s take alcohol Or smoking. Once the mind and the body gets attached to it, it is very difficult to get rid of it. I have seen smokers , who had …

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