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ShankarAcharya quote

Link to Original Document Reality can be experienced only with the eye of understanding, not just by a scholar. What the moon is like must be seen with one’s own eyes. How can others do it for you? _ Adi Shankaracharya(788CE _820CE.). The word understanding / gyan refers to a state of consciousness not covered …

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Is shaktipat or awakening of shakti needed multiple times?

Link to Original Document Someone asked me this question? It is a very good question If the person is extremely pure, has no desires for the world , not even traces of desires, loving even to his enemies, full of respect for Guru, and truly seeks to know his true self – that person can …

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A story of Samadhi in 1805, USA

Link to Original Document There is a famous US figure. Everyone knows him. Robert E Lee. His mother, often had “seizures” and would go into what i called as post ictal stage. Yogananda knew about it. But he knew a little more. I am not here to judge if the story if true or not. …

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