It takes years

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The process is simple

Clean yourself – body, mind, and your inner consciousness

However you do not realize the amount of dirt in your inner consciousness

Fear – that is dirt

Anger – that is dirt

Craving taste food – that is dirt

Craving money – that is dirt

Jealousy – that is dirt

Physical desires – that is dirt

The list is long.

How do you change the programming of the body. Let’s say you like coffee. How can you change that? You may give it up. But the inner craving gets suppressed but does no go away ? How can you tell your mind not to like coffee?

Or sex ?

Or tell your mind not to be anxious or have fear?

Your logic does not work! No amount of discussion With mind will change that

Unless a person is committed to giving up alcohol or smoking – discussion rarely helps

So here is the trick An easy trick. These bodily and emotional pattern are genetic plus from many births in the past

So change the flow – the energy that feeds the desire. It is not external. It is internal. It is your prana. Now prana has a peculiarity. Where ever you focus your attention it goes there So the great yogi from Santana dharma came up with meditation. However there are subtle tricks which someone must teach you. Physically and personally. They will slowly tell you when you have faith

So now you reverse the flow. Then you cauterize the defects with the inner light. Those are the words used by Yogananda.

So that’s it! You cleanse yourself. Your inner purity forces God and great saints to come to you. Physically. Not only in meditation. Isn’t that wonderful

I have said these things repeatedly. But most people want collect this information but don’t want to learn true inner secrets. Their ego makes them believe they have the answers. Such people are like collectors of sand particles on a shoreline full of diamonds That’s so they can do, will do and leave ! Collecting sand!

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