The power of maya ?

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We have a lot of emotions. Thoughts. Randomness in thinking. Anger.

We also know alcohol at a level of 0.8 or 0.7% is considered intoxicated and impaired!

Think about it ! Only 0.8% is sufficient to consider intoxicated!

Think About thyroxine – only 5 micrograms is needed for body function

1 teaspoon has about 5 grams. The thyroxine level would be 1000 times less than 1 teaspoon

But now let’s talk about testosterone. It affects both male and female libido. It is associated with agggressive behavior. It prevents osteoporosis (?) in males So what is level of testosterone in the blood?

It is 670 nano gram. That is really small. About 0.67 microgram.

What is the point – extremely small levels of hormones affect human thoughts and behavior

Isn’t Maya subtle and can creep in unnoticed!

Thus without you realizing it, we are subject to tiny levels of hormones and yet we foolishly believe we are in control

In other words to be master of the mind is not An easy matter. Plus the mind is affected by temptation created by sight and smell. Try resisting a lavish meal! Appetite is attracted by many physical factors and other hormones including ghrelin , leptons etc!

Thus the body and its function is a very complex interplay of many different forces / hormones/ past tendencies etc. This should not be used as a reason to justify bad behavior but rather realize that we are extremely sensitive to tiny forces.

Victory of the mind is not an easy matter

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