The sensitivity of the mind

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Once the mind gets attached to something, it is very difficult to undo it !

Logic simply does not work

Let’s take alcohol Or smoking. Once the mind and the body gets attached to it, it is very difficult to get rid of it. I have seen smokers , who had a tracheostomy (done for extreme difficulty in breathing) smoke through the tracheotomy ! They know about cancer from smoking. And heart disease and vascular disease. But yet they just can’t stop.

This of course is both a physical and psychological dependence!

The same thing is with the mind in terms is relations. Once the mind believes in a certain person, no matter how much information you have otherwise, the mind will crave that person. And then when that person leaves, there is tremendous pain. Anguish. With weeks or months Or years of lament!

No matter how much counselling you seek, the mind will continue to ache ! Time can help us forget yet the basic sensitivity of the mind remains waiting to be hurt again. Forgetting an event is not a sign of victory over the mind

This exposes a weakness in the mind that refuses to reason or logic. Why does this happen? How do you combat it? The mind in its remorse has a subtle ego – but he or she hurt me! That subtle ego, the concept That you deserve better, or the other person did wrong or I miss him or her , or I wanted to have A life with that person – that I ness in the mind prolongs yes misery. So this is a situation where, instead of I but rather thinking, this was a play of maya, exposing the weakness of the mind and using it as an opportunity to grow works to your benefit.

This is a difficult concept and explaining in words takes time!

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