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Reality can be experienced only with the eye of understanding, not just by a scholar. What the moon is like must be seen with one’s own eyes. How can others do it for you? _ Adi Shankaracharya(788CE _820CE.).

The word understanding / gyan refers to a state of consciousness not covered by ignorance

What is ignorance? Ignorance is a condition imposed by maya that makes you forget you are the divine and instead you accept a status of being bound by time, space, and you perceive things without joy as joy, you have karma which you have to endure and a bull like stubbornness that the illusionary world is real

These properties of agyan cannot be removed by reading! You cannot merely say a million times that you are the divine and experience it. It must be associated with Grace and Guru Krupa and a specific technique of Yoga!

What more can I say? I have said it repeatedly a million times! Yet no one seeks to learn it or go to a Guru.

Not everyone can be a Guru. It requires someone unique. The virtues of a Guru are so exemplary, one would profusely cry at the feet of a Guru and wash his feet in tears. Such a Guru and such a disciple are rare indeed

Be firm in seeking the truth. Do not deviate no matter how long the delay!

God bless!

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