The effect of Kali Yuga

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Yuga are something peculiar to Hinduism. There is some description of it in Christianity. Instantly. The story of Noah. In Hinduism it is the story of Manu.

But otherwise similar. Construction of a ship. The world as we now will change. And like starts again.

This story in Hinduism means the end of Kali Yuga

The point is – every so often there is a decline in moral values to an extent degree. In Satyuga morality is abundant and people live in harmony. Plus they are God fearing and abiding

Two other Yuga are of intermediate status. Treta and dwapar

So in Kali Yuga everything is upside down

Evil rules We see that

Good people seem to suffer more

Those in the entrainment business make a lot of money ( sports, movie, casino etc) but those working to save lives struggle ( firemen, police, physicians , nurses)

People will go to talk with fake Guru by the millions but will not go and talk with someone who can truly help

Importance is given to Politicians but not to the true intellectual who change everything in life

Being devious is the game

Money is worshipped

Life is perceived as something to just enjoy ( But it is about finding God)

I am sure you can come up with a much longer list

So this is Kali Yuga ! Still want to stay here?

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