Tricks to stop weakness of mind

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  1. Associate yourself with people who have control over mind. Just being in their company can help wavering mind The converse is true also. If you are in company of people with anxiety, worry, uncontrolled thoughts, you will also be afflicted that way
  2. Be with positive minded people
  3. Diet – plays a big role. The food makes you more susceptible to outside influence if you don’t eat grains for a few weeks, your mind will not get influenced easily. Meat makes you more of a drone. Water, milk, milk products, vegetables are ok. Try it for a few weeks. ( only if medically safe for you)
  4. Avoid stimulants like caffeine etc
  5. Proper pranayama is the biggest and fastest way to achieve samadhi.
  6. Samadhi – ultimate peace. The restless mind no longer bothers you. Self pure consciousness – is all that remains. The soul has been going after one thought and then another , never knowing peace for millions upon millions years ( the Shastra says – I have no proof ) never knowing peace.
  7. Why not go for that peace? Do pranayama properly. The force or electrical current that Keeps the brain active abates. You will know joy However that secret technique is not written anywhere. They ( shastra) only give general concepts. It is not to be found on the internet. Yes, your ego will let you believe otherwise.
  8. Strange, how people cherish the ego they know and are smart and will sacrifice the ability to go into samadhi – for that false security of thinking they know truth or are wise or religious or they can go into samadhi.
  9. Samadhi is a gift from higher beings. No one can get there. NO ONE unless a higher being permits them. For that , you must be kind, loving, forgiving, pious, etc. From the very inner core of yourself. Not just in appearance Or namesake.

I have said these things in one way or the other. Many hints. Yet people chase this from popular people, those who charge money, those that have many books, wear the garbs of being a saint, etc

Strange is the stupidity of people. They pursue information in books but don’t want to do the right things! My blogs can only show what is right, but going into samadhi requires something very special.

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