September 2021 archive

Self congratulations

Link to Original Document We hear about people who talk about meditation and meditating for months and years. Others think I have my shakti awakened and I can just sit in meditation But that is not true. There is a perfect time when you can do that. But that is meant for this who have …

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Link to Original Document In Hinduism, there are 16 days a year which are known as shraadh. Many people consider those days as inauspicious for doing certain activities. Activities such as marriage, starting new projects etc Currently this year, we are on the 7 day of Shraadh. So what is it about? I cannot tell …

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Some clarification coming from Vishnutirthji Maharaj

Link to Original Document Vishnutirthji maharaj was incrdible. He received his awakening at the age of 50. Within the first year he wrote two books that are perfected Devatma Shakti which is in English Saundarya Lahiri which is in Hindi I have talked about the books many times. I just thought I would share some …

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