An easy cure

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Mother (Aurobindo) often talkd about an easy cure.

Now all these things Mother talks about – are steps of deep meditation.

How so?

The three steps to dissolving pain and problems

See the situation as a dream

See the sorrow as a dream

And in the case of physical illness, see the physical pain as unreal

This last step is very difficult

What stage of meditation is this? This is a small step above agna charka. It is called Sun light way for a specific reason.

Where is the proof? Only those who have done it have it. So I just accept Mother for what she says

So when this sunlight stage can descend down to the physical world, then everything around you becomes joyous.

Hope this helps. Just dont be simplistic and think of some make belief way of getting there. Viola!

Below is the full text.

I am quoting an answer from Mother. The source, I have indicated below

This delight, this wonderful laughter that dissolves every shadow, every pain, every suffering! You only have to go deep enough within yourself to find the inner Sun, to let yourself be flooded by it; and then there is nothing but a cascade of harmonious, luminous, sunlit laughter, which leaves no room for any shadow or pain.

In fact, even the greatest difficulties, even the greatest sorrows, even the greatest physical pain — if you can look at them from that standpoint, from there, you see the unreality of the difficulty, the unreality of the sorrow, the unreality of the pain — and there is nothing but a joyful and luminous vibration.

In fact, this is the most powerful way of dissolving difficulties, overcoming sorrows and removing pain. The first two are relatively easy — I say relatively — the last one is more difficult because we are in the habit of considering the body and its feelings to be extremely concrete, positive; but it is the same thing, it is simply because we have not learnt, we are not in the habit of regarding our body as something fluid, plastic, uncertain, malleable. We have not learnt to bring into it this luminous laughter that dissolves all darkness, all difficulty, all discord, all disharmony, everything that jars, that weeps and wails.

And this Sun, this Sun of divine laughter is at the centre of all things, the truth of all things: we must learn to see it, to feel it, to live it.

And for that, let us avoid people who take life seriously; they are very boring people.

As soon as the atmosphere becomes grave you can be sure that something is wrong, that there is a troubling influence, an old habit trying to reassert itself, which should not be accepted. All this regret, all this remorse, the feeling of being unworthy, of being at fault — and then one step further and you have the sense of sin. Oh! To me it all seems to belong to another age, an age of darkness.

The Mother, On Thoughts and Aphorisms, CWM Volume 10, pages 156 – 157.

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