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Charles Dickens opened A Tale of Two Cities, perhaps his most famous tome, with the now iconic line, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

Do you think it is true right now? Spiritually?

Is it the best time or the worst of time?

So it depends on the individual, right?

There is an abundance of Information. Spiritual information. Now most of the information is not true. But many wonderful scriptures have been translated into English and Hindi and Gujarati. Yogananda, Vivekananda, Lahiri, Yukteshwar Ramana maharshi, Yogendra Vigyani, Vishnutirthji Maharaj, Gurudev, Kalidas Pandit etc have left tremendous guide posts, hints, guidance for everyone

So those who can focus only on those wonderful things, will find immense spiritual uplifting power. Such wonderful information is now available very freely. Isn’t that wonderful? Their life. Their experience. Their pearls. It is wonderful times!

And on the other hand, with all the wrong information, people are more likely , to fall prey to wrong information. Follow wrong paths. Get lost. So difficult to keep clarity. Isn’t it awful?

This way weeding through rubbish makes it the worst of times!

Those who read or follow my blog, have the absolute certainty of genuine people – genuine literature Now believing me is a different story!

Best wishes!

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