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God talks with Moses. And tells him, he did not tell others before him, but his name is YHWH

Try pronouncing it! You can do a lot of internet search. And find many scholars talk about it. Tell you there is no I in Latin. Of this is a combination of another word Adonai and Elohim. Or tell you it is a Tetragrammaton.

A series of four consonants

And hellelujah : is a combination of hillel which means praise and jah. Jah refers to Jehovah witness and Jehovah refers to YHWH


So how does YHWH mean God name. And why do we use the word God etc when God told us his name!

What do we do? How do we crack the code ?

Obviously, history and Latin And scholars can only take you so far ! And over ages writing errors can creep in

And is Gods name different for those who speak, Hebrew, English, Sanskrit, phrasing, Urdu etc? That would be strange to

This is the answer. It is the same in all languages but depending on the depth of meditation, slight variations occur. Now if you are a yogi, you can easily breeze through all of them

In Hinduism, the word is Aum. The first word. This word is referred to as Jehovah The silent witness from time immemorial. In old days it was easy to confuse j with i. The true word was not starting With j but started with i

That’s how the word elohum is a word used in Bible was Gods name.

I have given a few superficial details. But there are enough clues for a beginner in Yoga to grasp the truth.

I have no desire to debate with the scholars. I confess I am no scholar. I barely know my alphabet

But I am a yogi!

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