A very deceitful God

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God himself is very deceitful. Everyone in this world, ( if not a yogi) has a very long list of things they want to complain about

My list itself is very long. Things that are wrong with his creation. Things that could be done better. And my own personal grievances against people, Maya and God also.

In this way I am no different than the average American Joe. Many people know much more than virologists, CDC, NIH, microbiologist, immunologists, biostatisticians, epidemiologists all put together. In fact , they never ever even have to treat patients, take any courses, set foot inside a lab or hospital but they know all the problems with vaccination and not taking it also

So similar to them, I have a solution to all the problems in the world and universe and just need a few minutes of God time and I can set him straight !

Of course I am trying to be funny. Most likely my humor won’t work. All I hope is that God has a sense of humor too – or I would be using appropriate adjectives and say Oh, S, HS, Etc I am in trouble.

So why am I calling God deceitful? It is quite simple. The moment you see God, guess what happens ? You instantly forget every complaint you have, every thought of anger, every thought of worries, anguish etc. in fact all you have is love

And that is known as Bhakti. Bhakti is something that starts after you see God face to face. Not before

So all this is my interpretation of what great saints have said !

In the meantime, guess where I am headed? I am on my 6789 page of complaint against God and on my 51 million list of things of recommendations for him/ her/ it. I don’t care!

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