Sodom – Do we need to understand?

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There is a story in the bible. About the city / town of Sodom. Where there was unusual or forbidden sexual activity. (you can figure it out what it was). There was the wrath of God , and the city was destroyed. So the activity was later deplored and it went on to a point of discussion thousands of years later

Now, we can go to modern day literature and archaelogical findings. Just recently, it was reported, on September 20th about their archaeological findings. The city is now called Tall el- Hammam. Now we dont know much about the “social activity” during those times. But there is a lot of archaeological findings that the city was decimated by ….an astroid. What are the findings?

There was a massive fireball from an astroid where the temperature reached 2000 degrees Celciusm. How do we know ?based on the micro diamonds in the area, and silicon. Some of the material is called spherule and it can only occur at temperatures more than 1600 celcius. In those days, they did not have any method to increase the temperature to that degree

Formation of zirconium

Bubbled pottery occurs at that temperature

The data is quite solid. The final conclusion was that an asteroid fell. It immediately destroyed the whole city. It force was more than 1000 Hiroshima bombs. This was followed by a shock wave where the wind was 750 miles per hour or more. Then the winds destroyed the walls of Jericho.

So in the bible there is a description of this in a limited fashion, which suggests there may have been one surviver who told the story.

Fascinating right?

So what it means is that – since it came to Bible, is that, the human mind has to find a reason why this happened. And the conclusion that they came to was the fire in the sky was Gods wrath, and the wrath occurred because of the “practices” in the city.

Now if this was true, then do you think that more of the world would have been in trouble, right now?

This brings out a typical curiosity of the human mind. It never is satisfied. It always seeks a reason. It is this curiosity that has brought about science and discovery. The mind always seeking answers. On the other hand the religious mind also seeks answers, but it turns to God. And gives the thought construct that it happened because God wanted it. And then there is some active human imagination that comes into play and finds a reason why God wanted to destroy Sodom

So, did God send the asteroid? If so, why does he not send a thousand more asteroids now? Surely the world can use a little bit of rectification?

What is the point of all this? The point is, logic can come to conclusions but especially in the case of religion, it maybe faulty. What is better, is not using logic but using God given intuition, a faculty that God gives readily to the pure human mind is better. We should focus on cleansing ourselves rather than go deep in idle debates.

The most important thing, we have to reach individually is purity of mind. This purity is more about all our faculties naturally turned to God rather than the world. This purity where the senses are more interested in God, is not very common. However, with deep meditation, eventually with time, the senses realize the love of God and naturally stays within, without much effort. Isnt that wonderful?

A disclaimer : I am not in anyway capable of understanding how to evaluate or decipher the meaning. Nor do I take sides.

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