Some clarification coming from Vishnutirthji Maharaj

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Vishnutirthji maharaj was incrdible. He received his awakening at the age of 50. Within the first year he wrote two books that are perfected

Devatma Shakti which is in English

Saundarya Lahiri which is in Hindi

I have talked about the books many times. I just thought I would share some wonderful things he talked about in those books. Mostly this is to give clarity about some of the verbage in Spirituality

  1. Some spiritual literature talk about 5 shells.
    • Annmayi -refers to Gross physical body

    • Pranmayi

    • Manomayi

    • Gyanmayi

      • These three shells, pranmaye, manomaye and Gyanmayi collectively form the subtle body. I can explain more about it later sometime.
    • Anandmayi – refers to the causal body

  2. Some books define 7 different Anand. Anand refers to joy at times and at times happiness. They are
    • Nijananda

    • Nirananda

    • Parananda – this refers to par as other not Para

    • Brahmananda

    • Mahananda

    • Chidananda

    • Jagadananda.

      • I can explain these things later at the appropriate time.
    1. 5 tattvas
      • Prithvi – world / solid

      • Jala – water / liquid

      • Agni – fire

      • Vayu – wind

      • Akash – ether

    2. So, a word of caution. In some places these 5 tattvas refer to state of matter and in some places refer to an extra ordinary divine aura. Very few will ever see that divine aura. So for our discussion we will stick to the 5 tattvas as state of matter

Even the whole universe , the creation follows the 5 states. And even reversal follows the same sequence.

Lets take the big bang or even the creation of our solar system.

With the big bang, there was a singularity. the singularity created space and time. (Akash / ether). In the Akash, there were subatomic particles, moving around colliding in space (Vayu or wind). Eventually the Vayu or wind created hydrogen which created the first suns – Agni. When they exploded, as they cooled,the molecules were first liquid and then became solid. For example the earth was liquid first / molten and then became solid.

So the great Indian Saints knew about this and Vishnutirthji maharaj explained these 5 tattvas as state of matter.

I merely extrapolated the states of matter to creation.

Of course there is much more. But that would be for another time

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