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Humans in general are very superficial

We may in general be very intelligent. Yet when it comes to some matters, we act first and think later. How often do we do that? Daily. More than once a day.


  • Someone says something to us. We react first. Might even have an uncalled for response and later, we regret
  • Anyone ever try dieting? Some have. Guess what, food on a table, it kind of disappears from the counter – quite magically. Any idea how?
  • We see someone beautiful / handsome. Before we even know it, carnal desire crosses our mind before logic / intellect intervenes
  • We hear the siren of a cop behind you!. First reaction is fear or panic, and maybe a few adjectives added to the thoughts!

So what is happening? We know right from wrong! We know good from bad. What happens is that the intellect might have an idea. Of not getting afraid, stay away from food, carnal desires, not to get angry. But it does not last. How do we change? Or is it like Dantes inferno, we are stuck in it?

What happens is that the intellect knows. But the mind and emotions dont. A tricky point. We generally lump mind, intellect and emotions together but they are quite different. And the forces we fight are quite different.

  1. Mind – mana in Gujarat or sanskrit.
  2. Intellect – Buddhi. Thinks
  3. Logic – tark. Rationalization
  4. Emotions – chitta. You know what it is
  5. Ego – ahamkar.

Now each of these things are a force that does what it knows best. Thats all they can do. Emotions and mind wont listen to Intellect or Logic. It just wont. Yogananda said, in a battle between emotions and intellect. Emotions will always win. So how do you win emotions. Dont negotiate with it. Use ego – which says I refuse to react. Thats it.

In other words I have given above, the heirchy and location of those 4 things. In the chakras

  • Mana resides in Muladhar.
  • Intellect in Swadhisthan. (It is kind of funny. Think it over)
  • Emotions in Manipur
  • Ego in Anahat.

So each higher chakra has an order. So ego is not terrible , if used properly it can help in your progress. Later it hinders your progress too. Tremendously.

So the trick is, to change the composition and property of the mind and emotions etc. Without changing it, the mind will continue to react immediately. The mind is the first organ that interacts with the external world. Without changing that, it will immediately react to situations, desires etc.

This is why social reform and jails have failed. They are unable to change the intrinsic property of the mind. But is it possible to change it? Of course. That is the business yogis are in. Changing it. And when that change occurs, it leads to liberation. Then the person is worthy of talking with God. This change is purity. Then how can God hide? Where is the need to debate, fight, argue? Such people wont indulge in it. For them God is a reality.

Hopefully, you will have a better idea why Yoga is needed. It is the way to saving the world. Having said that, be careful, not everyone who thinks they are a yogi or claim to be a yogi is one. Most of them are fakes or ignorant or both.

With these tools in mind, you can now find a true Yogi. He alone knows the secret.

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