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What happens? We go and hear a great motivational speech. Or listen to a brilliant orator talking on Gita or Upanishad. And a week later all is forgotten. Even the initial zeal of practicing good values, being tolerant, forgiving, decreasing sensory appetite goes away

Within a few weeks, if that, all is forgotten and we are back to square one

People try and fail. Yogananda called them antique furniture, since this has been the case for many births

What happens?

  • We forget what we were told to do very quickly
  • The enthusiasm is there but we remain surrounded in the wrong company.
  • Repetition of good values are needed and good company is needed. Without that not much can be achieved
  • However the biggest reason is past habits from many many births. This is why some people gravitate towards music, others towards religion, some towards yoga, others towards sense pleasures, alcohol etc. However, the attitude towards anxiety, anger, fear, resentment, sensitivity, feeling offended etc are also part of the same issue THIS HAS TO BE CLEANED. Without cleaning this, nothing can be achieved permanently. These roots are very deeply imbedded in us.

It is for the cleaning of deep roots, yoga is needed. It use only with yoga, can we go deep within, like the ego part described by Freud , where we have to discover the flaws and “cauterize” it. This can be only done with “kriya”. That is how Yogananda described it. In maha yoga awakening of the shakti takes care of it has been described.

But there is more ! One has to practice it for 12 years. – cauterizing the flaw and practice not getting angry for 12 years makes it permanent

These flaws exist in a shell called prakriti. One has to find it , cleanse it.

However even that is not sufficient. One has to establish oneself in a higher level and plane. And stay there. Those stations are called shodhash adhar. There are 16. Hence it is called shodhash adhar. In maha yoga Vigyan Shankar Bhagwan or God says, if you do not know those stations, you are not a yogi.

  1. So purity is needed

  2. Purity requires getting rid of bad personality
  3. That has been present for years
  4. Find the shell where it is stored. Prakriti. It it an actual shell
  5. Cauterize it
  6. Practice for 12 years
  7. Establish in the higher station
  8. Repeat from one station to another to you are at the highest
  9. All the sermons or lectures can’t help because this practice of purity is needed
  10. That’s why Yoga
  11. Perfect purity is needed to remain merged in God
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