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Perfected souls can be a Guru. However even when present on earth , few can benefit from them

Why? They are so perfect they cannot impose their thought or will on you. They are there to help you in all ways

Sounds paradoxical but it is not

What happens is such perfected individual do not conform to a very imperfect society. Their actions are hard to follow or understand. Our perception comes from a imperfect society. We can’t fathom them.

So all their perfect actions are seen as faults. And that , leads to doubt

The end result is even things they say , even though accurate or perfect, we try to improvise and see it differently. So they give us the highest and we say but… and but or what if – now we no longer get full benefit

Sometimes people ask questions. But if you think that person is at the same level of you, or slightly higher then you will not benefit – no matter what the perfected person says. You have doubts and questions

That is difficult. Very difficult to know who is perfected and who is a verifiable certifiable lunatic – totally loco – lunacy is far more common

Those with experience are just very different.

I say the truth but you will have your own doubts and own methods of verifying

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