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We hear about people who talk about meditation and meditating for months and years. Others think I have my shakti awakened and I can just sit in meditation

But that is not true. There is a perfect time when you can do that. But that is meant for this who have cleaned themselves completely

That is a very different level

Why is that? It is because when you live in isolation you have not had the opportunity to get exposed to adversity and adversarial circumstances! Without having negative circumstances from people, you will not know if you have really progressed

We often times think we have reached the final stages when reality is they have not even started!! I have seen this countless times. Sad. Very unfortunate

Don’t be egotistic And think that the very meager knowledge And experience you have is a sign of progress or perfection. There is much Much more! If the goddess Saraswati started writing about The steps and experiences, she could write till eternity and not come to an end!

I Caution people about this constantly! If people listed their experiences it would fill a half a page and yet their ego is vaster than the universe. And every step or question you have they can write volumes of garbage. That garbage can is called the web/ blogs/ social media

I will conclude about what mother said about it

If you remain in meditation or contemplation without working, well, you don’t know if you have progressed or not. You may live in an illusion, the illusion of your progress; while if you begin to work, all the circumstances of your work, the contact with others, the material occupation, all this is a field of experience in order that you may become aware not only of the progress made but of all the progress that remains to be made. If you live closed up in yourself, without acting, you may live in a completely subjective illusion; the moment you externalise your action and enter into contact with others, with circumstances and the objects of life, you become aware absolutely objectively of whether you have made progress or not, whether you are more calm, more conscious, stronger, more unselfish, whether you no longer have any desire, any preference, any weakness, any unfaithfulness — you can become aware of all this by working. But if you remain enclosed in a meditation that’s altogether personal, you may enter into a total illusion and never come out of it, and believe that you have realised extraordinary things, while really you have only the impression, the illusion that you have done so.

That’s what Sri Aurobindo means.

The Mother, Questions and Answers 1955, CWM volume 7, pages 287 – 288.

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