Rough times

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One of the biggest mistakes we make is dealing with challenges

Everyone feces rough times and many times it is rougher than rough. Initially we fight it. But later, as the rough time continues, we get depressed. Sad. And if you are religious and pray to God , then slowly the faith in God, religions and prayer goes away

We ask, why me? I pray. And those who are not nice, have no faith seem to flourish

This is a common issue. In difficulties we tend to lose faith. Get anxious. Worried. Insecure. The bigger the problem the more desperate we get

It is easy to say we have faith when things go well. However when challenged our so called faith crumbles

How do we change this? How can we get faith

This faith I refer to is never asks why me. Nor does it think that a mountain of problems is any problem

Hopefully you get the picture. This faith is rare. Slowly expands but remains confined to Maya. Then suddenly one day it breaks. And shines in the glory of brilliant sunlight. Those who are the people would say God was always there. Right now we use our logic and belief but not direct proof which is faith

Faith is how miracles occur. Now there is a little more to it. There is only one book ever written in how to get there and how each siddhi, like Neem Karoli baba did or Jesus or Babaji every did. It is a book written by a 18 year old kid about 100 years ago. It is very accurate. Just perfect.

So now it is not just a matter of theory but a practical way. Of course it is not easy. It is just a very pure way of meditation.

So remember every one has challenges. Even Babaji

Babaji was very kind and will be here till the end of this Yuga. An immortal body. And ability to create palaces at will. Oh sounds what kind of hardships does he have?

Well he promised to keep his body visible for some people. Always. Obviously some of those disciples are not at the level of having an immortal body. They need food. Water. Shelter. Who did they turn to? Babaji. Babaji cannot perform miracles always for every morsel of food. So now they are dependant on nature, and society. Do you see the hardships?

Of course we will never know the details and how Babaji cares for them. But that miracle is still involves society

And we all know the hardships of society!

So try not to waver. It is a huge challenge. But we have no other way

It is through hardships that we become diamonds. Not by having a luxurious life

Set your goal to be the gem. Not the dirt on the ground

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