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So the reader is motivated to look deeper

Hiranyagarbha – used in different ways in the literature. Yogananda – called it the macroscopic part of subtle world. Vishnutirthji Maharaj called it the lid covering divine – or the first manifestation of God or from avyakta to vyakta. Both are true. Be careful what you read

Micrcosm Microcosm
Vishva Virat Sthula
Tejas Hiranyagarbha Subtle
Pragna Ishvar Karana

Pragna – has two meanings. Paraganandam Brahma is a slightly higher level of the routinely understood meaning

Beyond these three levels, there are three other levels above it.

So above ishvar there are higher levels

Baliyasi kevalam ishvar ichcha- applies to human. It does not apply to great saints

It means only Gods will, will happen or only Gods will is powerful

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