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Everything you have seen or done or heard or felt leaves an impression on your inner consciousness. It is called inner consciousness because with the physical mind you can’t access it. Nor can you access it in dreams. Yes dreams sometimes get impulses from it but cannot access it

That is the source where all your desires are dumped. You just don’t know them Or reach them. From countless years. So when you leave the body , these unfulfilled desires crop up and prevent you from going to God. Guess what, God in his kindness gives you another body to work out the desires

Thus many many lives come and go. So one of the biggest hurdles is cleaning this inner consciousness. And once you know what yoga is, practice it for a while, after a good 39-40 years you learn how to access it and then learn to clean it. Those seeds have to be removed

There is a definitive technique to it. You will be aghast at the number of seeds in there. Some can be removed quickly. Some take longer

Of course I have made this very simplistic. There is more to it. Since in that area there is Maya. And one has to learn to stop dancing to Maya. Difficult to explain. I have drawn pictures showing how to do it

Hinduism has given the method in very descriptive language and in the names. For example dushera , chandraghanta, etc

I try to talk about it. Very superficially of course. Hardly anyone gets interested

So the machinery of the world continues. In the same stupid way. Like mechanical drones. Doing the same thing again and again. Seeking food and sex and toiling hard in this world. Not much change day to day or life to life. A weekend here and there of vacation. But that is about it. And life is over. Once in a while a soul wonders if there is more and then starts discussing how to get out. They give preference to ignorant discussion but never ask the enlightened

The enlightened don’t advertise. There always are one or two enlightened in public ready to help With easy access. Would be unfair if God did not do it. We simply don’t know them.

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