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3 day of Navratri

Parvati is called Chandra ghanta. Meaning bell shaped moon. This is depicted in photographs with shakti riding a lion and having a crescent of moon on her forehead

She got this name, perhaps after the penance she did to get shiv

This refers to a chakra above Agna. This is very high and nectar of immortality comes from near here

This is what Babaji , Kevalgiri, etc do. They stay here or in much higher places

A person Guru can take you there in an instant.

I have seen many people online claim to drink nectar etc. but the body should reflect it then!

It is not as easy as people think. There are 5 types of nectar. Each with a different advantage , purpose. Why is it needed? Because to go deep within, the body dies. ( Paul Bible. I die daily)

And then something is needed to keep body alive. And that is the nectar. This is also described in the Bible. Knock and you shall receive´┐╝´┐╝ and we will sup ( dine) together

Knock – the bell

Sup – drink the nectar

Thus Chandra ghanta

This is a superficial discussion. More in depth for a yogi who can go there can be found elsewhere in my blogs

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