Adverse times

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We are all here to learn. Learn to love. Learn to forgive. Learn to be perfect. Similar to many countless saints in the past.

This school we enrolled in – rather involuntary – the school of life and death, the world – in order to graduate we have to learn from our mistakes. Note a single “answer” can be wrong. What is the “answer” – our karma and reaction. It is not theory about God or the scriptures

It is about love for God.

So why do I about the theory? Or explain the scriptures? It seems foolish does it not? It is because we have been trained from many many past incidences to reach in a certain way. Selfish ways. Evil ways. Hateful ways. Careless ways. Lazy ways. Craving for food and sex ways. All the flaws of the body.

So in order to overcome these flaws, you can learn to correct it with yoga and deep meditation. Or learn it with experience. If you don’t learn it with simple experience then the lessons become harsher

So in order to learn from yoga , one has to retrace the path of the illusion that we are the body , instead it should be the soul is covered by a body. In order to retrace it a little Map is neaded. That map comes from reading scriptures

So here is a very encouraging guide from Yogananda

Strength in times of adversity

Suffering is a good teacher to those who are quick and willing to learn from it. But it becomes a tyrant to those who resist and resent. Suffering can teach us almost everything. Its lessons urge us to develop discrimination, self-control, nonattachment, morality, and transcendent spiritual consciousness. For example, a stomachache tells us not to eat too much and to watch what we eat. The pain from loss of possessions or loved ones reminds us of the temporal nature of all things in this world of delusion. The consequences of wrong actions impel us to exercise discrimination. Why not learn through wisdom? Then you won’t subject yourself to unnecessary painful discipline from the hard taskmaster of suffering.

~ Sri Paramahansa Yogananda,

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