Kamini kanchan

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Ramkrishna often described the 2 biggest flaws of humans. They are

Kamini – desires specifically sex

Kanchan – wealth, money

And I see that everywhere. And in the name of sophistication, under the guise of the law / legal big corporations, CEO, businesses are bound in their rush for it. That of course is present at an individual level, where employees try to steal money and time.

How do you steal time? Easy go to work. Relax. Have coffee, tea long breaks etc on company time!

And when you are done with work, people look for their wine and sex. Shows which have sex and glamour become more popular.

Now this May not be true for everyone but it is a general observation. No matter how hard you try, the worry for money crops up. And the desire for sex.

Just examine yourself. How often do those things crop up in your mind? If you give some attention, you may find it is a lot more than you think

This is from lack of experience – soul experience. We have no tools to go to the soul or having a soul experience. The soul will always look to the body unless you close all doors leading to the senses. And you must stop thoughts. Thoughts when they occur, you imagine you are thinking – but the soul which is the real you, does not need thoughts. It simply knows. Unerringly

So meditation is the way. Sit down. Close eye mouth , etc and then if you can stop attention to the body, the genitals, the joints, etc and slow your thoughts then you get close to the soul

After that there is much more to be done. But This would be a great start

So you see, attention to the genitals – the body – Kamini is a hindrance to going within

Same thing with wealth. That and similar things are in the mental plane. Worries and self congratulations that you have money – hinder going within. It is a mind preoccupation

Now there is another school of thought – enjoy the body and life. If that is your thinking, my blog is not for you. You just can’t go within if you want to enjoy the outside

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