Top secret – Shakti

Since this is top secret – my description will be very incomplete too

So, if you are a con artist and want to impress a lot of people or your a magician, and you want to fool people, what do you do?

You create an aura of mystery, let the audience fill in the gaps with their own imagination and now you have a great Mystic Guru with millions of followers. Simple isnt it? Throw in a few fancy words like chakra, shakti, awakening , surely this person should be now worshipped !

I am of course being very sarcastic.

What I am going to share now, is something most people are not aware of. Why? Because the Gurus themselves, since they are quite ignorant themselves, cant reveal it either.

So in my own mind, almost all of the Gurus, mystics, fakirs, monks, etc have a very simplistic point. And that is all they can talk about. They are like a 2 year old boy, walking around with a fake stethoscope claiming to be Dr. Since the audience is just as ignorant, they easily have millions of followers

Enough bashing about the Gurus out there.

So lets get the basics very clear. What is shakti? Pure consciousness has 2 aspects, static and dynamic. The dynamic aspect of consciousness is Shakti. When it is turned outward, towards the world, the terminology is shakti is asleep. An awakened shakti is when it turns back towards itself.

So a Guru turns the Shakti back on itself. Thats all. However, it does not happen completely. It happens in 4 steps.

  1. Kriyavati
  2. Kalawati
  3. Varnamayi
  4. Vedhamayi. There is a 5th secret step. Hey, its secret..I cant post it here

There are also 5 levels. Not just the above. The 5 levels in addition to the steps are Shanti atita, Shanti, Vidya, Pratistha and Nivritti.

I only mention these things because it has been published in Devatma Shakti. Otherwise this information would have died with my last breath.

Now the awakened shakti has to progress through, 224 spheres or Bhuvan, at the 5 levels and through 36 tattwas. Tattwas are different elements of creation in the subtle and causal world. The gross physical world, is not discussed yet.

So, I have described the process, the exciting journey back. You may go huh? And then go back to your hole saying oh, all theory, or no truth to it.

These steps are all above the physical creation. As long as you are aware of the physical creation, you have not made the inward turn.

Remember the example that I gave you of the 2 year old boy pretending to be a doctor? Thats all, the level that , the rest of the world describes and talks about. You may think they are all great and extraordinary, and every one has a different way of looking at things.

My requirements are must stringer. I dont want to be deceived by childish view points of meditation.

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