A big book!

When you can’t understand things you need an explanation

If you still can’t get it you need a bigger book and a book on the explanation

If you still can’t get it you need an encyclopedia

But a smart person gets it in one word


You are shiv.

Now it creates all the problems! The mind wants to understand. Then an explanation. Then wants to know how to reach there. And the method to get there

Truthfully, nothing is needed. You trying to understand is the beginning of failure. And it goes downhill from there

This is what yukteshwar Maharaj said

The rishis wrote in one sentence profundities that

commentating scholars busy themselves over for

generations. Endless literary controversy is for

sluggard minds. What more quickly liberating thought

than “God is” – nay, “God”?

Swami Sri Yukteswar—in Autobiography of a Yogi

That’s why yoga! Meditation. Stop thinking. What is left is pure experience

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