Sincere souls!

“I can give my life for a sincere Soul”
I can give my life for a sincere Soul, but insincer souls I stay away from. I am never insincere with anyone, and that is the way we all should live in this world. We must be fearless, sincer, surrounded not only with those whom we can inspire, but with those who can inspire us as well. When we are strong, then we can help those who are evil. But don’t try to help them until you yourself are stronger. Otherwise their company may weaken you instead. So many who try to reform others become infected with their evil…….
Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda.
The Divine Romance. P.113

And that is one of the reason why Guru often stay away From the smart people. They are insincere. They want to knowledge but don’t want God

Also he warns us not to go help others till you yourself have perfected your path!

Sincere souls are indeed rare. Most people don’t want to give up physical pleasures

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