Someone posed a question – the blogs of top secret shakti and a big book – are they contradictory?

I described in detail about awakening of shakti. The long course with multiple levels of awakening

But in the next breath I say all you need is silence the mind and what is left is pure consciousness

Are the two things contradictory?

The answer is no. You are only aware of the puny mind that we deal with in day to day life! That is one of the smallest section where the mind exists

Look at this way – you may try to silence your mind. But it quickly goes into sleep a dream. Another manifestation of darkness of the mind. And when you can silence the dream world and the physical world, another layer of slumber crops up We love slumber. So intense and satisfying. But still a layer of mind.

Now the number of areas and layers of the mind is so many, that it takes time to be victorious

So both are true once we recognize the sovereign empire created by our mind and the places it visits in life and after life

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