Be wise!

So today I saw a picture of a shivling. With some water droplets around it abs they called it ananda and yellow drops as consciousness and light rays as shanti and the channel as shakti

What nonsense!

What happens is we read a few words and join it to to shivling and in a haphazard way

Such things are not spiritually helpful. They deter us from grasping the truth. Only the words of a true saint are valid

Do you really think this is a path of imagination??

Never spread ignorance or promote it

Shiv ling – refers to bindu – the origin of all creation. Including the gross material universe.
The snake is shakti doing its pradikshana around the creator paying her tribute. Even her origin is entirely dependent on shiv

There is much more to it as described by Vishnutirthji maharaj and Gurudev.
But that is an experience and perfect description of Sahastrar!

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