Why can’t I recognize an advanced person?

Our filter and our ego

We already have a preconceived opinion. In most people mind a Guru will be a monk of sort
He will wear saffron clothes
Might be shaved
Speaks softly
Has knowledge

Do you know what is missing?

Think about it! What is missing? The most important thing – having true experience!!!

Without that none of the above matters

And if you have experience?

If you have experience
Clothes or no clothes Who cares?
Shaved or bald, who cares?
Monk or married why cares?
Read books or illiterate, who cares?

If God is in your hand
And your in Gods hand
Both happens simultaneously
What does anything matter?

But you can’t see or recognize it

The person does not meet your filter
Plus the opposite is true. You so much believe in the wrong figure, that anything he says you will accept.

Plus , if I say you you can only meet God when the moon is half, people will think i am crazy but never ask why!

There are many great liberated saints who passed by. They will say everything quite openly. But fools will ignore them

Reva Bharati was an enlightened soul. She walked around the village in Broad daylight with a candle. No one asked why?

Why ? She was saying my light is brighter than what you see. I walk with the light of God

This light of God is real. Not an allegory
Yogananda said, with a little practice you can see it brighter than daylight

This is one reason why we fail

The other reason is your ego. People in general have a concept about God. It could be God sitting on a throne to God looking like Jesus or God dressed like Ram. But that is your ego limiting God. He May be that way but could be in a million other ways. Why impose your limitations, your intellectual disability on God?

What an enlightened person says is 100% true. You may not grasp it. Plus they reveal very little

God gives them the permission to remain incognito

I have enjoyed being in their presence. Wish I was able to absorb full benefit!

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